About Me


Hi there My Name is Ed Lodge…

And I created this site because after years of suffering from Painful Hemorrhoids I have found many things that have helped me change my life and give me the Relief to be free from Life Disrupting Issues that Hemorrhoids Causes.

I was lucky enough to get Hemorrhoids at the ripe old age of 19. I was living in the European Alps and working as a Chef when – after a big week of Working, Snowboarding and Drinking – I awoke one morning with an intense pain in my…. rear end.

This was painful enough while trying to work and keep up with my friends but it became a week off work when it swelled up to the size of an actual “Grape” and exploded a pool of blood onto my bathroom floor and I was in so much pain I couldn’t walk for days.

Since then I have sought to rid myself of this condition.

I have found many things to help and now I am happy to say I have not had a “pain in the bum” for over 3 years.

My hope is to share all I have learned with you here and help anyone in need find the same liberation.

Thanks very much,